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There are a lot of survey companies out there, many of them not really worth joining, but some are exceptional. Pinecone Research is one that is well worth joining.

You might not get many invitations but you will earn £3 for each initial survey - then you may aget a product to test. If you do then test it and keep it. Later you have a follow up survey which earns you another £3. This soon builds up and you get some quality good to test along the way.

They dont often take now people - but right now they are

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Sit down and win a deck chair

WIN your very own personalised Southsea Deckchair worth £120 along with our NEW Summer Picnic Cooler Gift Set and our Kids Summer Bucket & Spade Chocolate Set!
This Summer we have partnered with our friends and neighbours (just along the beach!) Southsea Deckchairs to offer you a fantastic competition to WIN your very own personalised Southsea Deckchair PLUS two NEW Montezuma’s Chocolate Summer Gift Sets! Southsea Deckchairs was the brain child of Stephen Davies who fell in love with deckchairs from working on Southsea Beach front! Stephen developed what he thinks is the ultimate deckchair and now his deckchairs are available in new and original fabric styles and were even used for the Olympic Games in 2012 at Weymouth Beach.

Full entry HERE: 

free films

There are lots of free draw sites out there which give you a slim chance of winning something for nothing more than visiting a web site every day and clicking a button. Prizes is one which offers up a new prize every day, usually a DVD set or sometimes a book or two. You just go on the page and enter your name and email address. Each prize has a cut off date after which someone will win that prize. The odds are slim but someone has to win it.Todays new prize Click the image above to enter

New Vista

Got another five minutes to spare?
Still want to earn some cash whiles sitting down?

Another decent survey company that is worth joining is New Vista

Nice and simple questionnaires each worth a certain number of points. Surveys usually worth anything from 50 to 200 points with 50 points = 50p. Again you have to wait to reach £50 for a payout but its great when you get to cash your points in.

More information and the registration area click here
Got ten minutes to spare?
Want to earn a few quid?
There are plenty of online survey companies out there who promise you the world, but not all of them deliver.

One that definitely does is Populous Live

Once you sign up you will earn aprox £1 for every five minutes work. You then get a cheque when you hit £50.
You may occasionally go a week or so without any invites but then you may get more than one in a day. Today I have had two invites and earned £5.

You can sign up on this link 

Dont worry if your get up and go has got up gone.

Get up and going is hard work and rarely pays off anyway.

Instead let good things come to you while you are sat down.

You have a computer, or a tablet or one of those fancy phones?

So sit back and let me guide you in the art getting good things while sat down on your bum.

Medical footnote: If you are normal you will notice that your bottom is well padded, making it ideal for sitting on. The human body is amazing with everything designed for a purpose. Your bottom is padded because you are designed for sitting. Fact.